3 Tips for Choosing Your Pregnancy Doctor

The journey of pregnancy has many choices, with one of the most important being choosing your pregnancy doctor. It is vital to select the best OBGYN fit for your specific needs. OBGYN’s are specialists in women’s reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth. [1] Read on as we discuss three areas that you should review before deciding on who will be your OBGYN doctor.

  • Consider the OBGYN’s experience - It is essential to choose an OBGYN that has a high level of experience. One of the most important questions to ask your potential OBGYN doctor is how long they have been in practice and how many babies they have delivered. Hill is an OBGYN in Youngstown, Ohio that has over 20 years in practice and has delivered over 10,000 babies! As an established expert on female healthcare, Dr. Hill is respected by both his colleagues and his patients. Many of Dr. Hill’s patients have had multiple pregnancies while in his care.
  • Choose an OBGYN that fits your lifestyle Do you work full time and have difficulty attending weekday appointments? Then you would not want to select an OBGYN that is open for limited hours during the weekdays. Hill would be a great fit for you since he accepts walk-in OBGYN patients and is an OBGYN open on weekends.

In addition to ensuring that your new OBGYN accommodates your schedule, you must also review the proximity of their offices to your home. Dr. Hill is conveniently located in Youngstown, Ohio with many patients from surrounding areas such as Boardman, Salem, and Warren. Choosing an OBGYN near your home will prove helpful when you are attending multiple pregnancy doctor appointments.

The types of insurance that your OBGYN doctor will take should also be discussed in case your provider is not accepted. Dr. Hill is an OBGYN that accepts all insurance options in Youngstown, Ohio.

  • Review the OGBYN’s specialties and areas of expertise – Complications during birth can happen, so it is smart to review if your OBGYN can perform C-sections or other procedures if complications should arise. Choosing a specialized OBGYN for your pregnancy care is also important if you have a preexisting medical condition or a complex pregnancy. Hill specializes in Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (C-section), also known as VBAC. Women prefer vaginal birth after C-section since the recovery process is often quicker and it may allow women to hold and breastfeed their baby sooner than a repeat C-section.

If you are considering Dr. Hill to be your pregnancy doctor, feel free to ask him any of your questions on our Ask the Doctor form throughout our website or book your appointment online! You can also check out our patient reviews.


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