Sex FAQs

What is this “Women’s Viagra” I am hearing about?

You are referring to Addyi™. This prescription medication is the first and only FDA approved treatment for sexual desire disorder. It’s for women who have low sexual desire no matter the type of sexual activity, the situation, or sexual partner. Women who have not gone through these symptoms previously or though menopause are eligible for this medication. Addyi™ is not used to improve sexual performance and is not for use in children. If you’re interested in seeing if you are a good candidate for Addyi™, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodney Hill!

Do I need to tell Dr. Hill anything about my medical history before taking Addyi™?

Be sure to reveal all your medical conditions, including if you:

  • Drink alcohol, use drugs, or have a history of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Have ever had depression or other mental health problems.
  • Have low blood pressure or a medical condition that can cause low blood pressure.
  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if Addyi™ will harm your unborn baby.
  • Are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. It is not known if Addyi™ passes into your breast milk. You and Dr. Hill should decide if you will take Addyi™ or breastfeed. You should not do both.
  • Be sure to also tell Dr. Hill what medications you take. Taking Addyi™ with other medications can cause severely low blood pressure, fainting and sleepiness. Other common side effects for taking this medication include dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, tiredness, and difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. These are not all the possible side effects. Ask Dr. Hill for advice regarding side effects during your appointment.

Why am I never in the mood for sex?

Low estrogen and hypothyroidism are physical issues that can lower your libido. Also, prescription drugs like antidepressants or even supplements also can have this effect. If you are settling into a long-term relationship, your desire may not be turned on until after you start foreplay with your partner.

Why is sex more painful after giving birth?

Your vagina will go through a time of healing after giving birth. If you are breastfeeding, the change in estrogen can lead to lubrication issues. Use a lubricant during intercourse and allow your body time to adjust after your baby delivery.

Do I have to wait to have sex after waxing?

You can have sex any time after waxing, as long as you’re not too sensitive. The risk of getting an infection due to the small tears from waxing is very small.

Is it safe to have sex during my period?

It is possible to get pregnant when you ovulate, which typically happens during the middle of your cycle. However, it is true that a woman is least fertile just before, during, and after menstruation – and most fertile just before, during and after ovulation. Women who know their menstruation and ovulation schedules can use the rhythm method of birth control. If your schedule varies or you’re unsure, using condoms or another form of birth control is best.

How much discharge during sex is normal?

Vaginal lubrication/secretion occurs as a normal part of the sex. 'How much' varies from female to female.

Is there really such a thing as female ejaculation?

Yes. This can happen as a result of stimulating the G-spot.

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