Pregnancy Symptoms FAQs

Are tender breasts a pregnancy symptom?

Yes! Tenderness of the breast is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms you will experience around week 4 and can last through your full pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms of your breast can also include achiness and tingling of your nipples, your areolas become darker, spotted, or just plain bigger, and you will be able to see more blue veins just below the surface of your skin. If you are concerned or want to learn more about your pregnancy symptoms, please call us at 330-746-7007.

Should I be concerned that I’m not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms?

In early pregnancy there can be a chance that you will not experience any pregnancy symptoms and your pregnancy will proceed normally, but always remember that each body can react in different ways. Dr. Rodney Hill recommends having a clinical examination and ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy is normal.

How can I reduce the pain from my pregnancy symptoms?

Vomiting and nausea are very common among most women. If you are experiencing these pregnancy symptoms, stay hydrated by drinking ice-cold water, seltzer, ginger ale, or ginger tea. Drink between meals to help prevent your stomach from getting too full. Eating too much can increase the feeling of nausea. Also, peppermint candy can ease the feeling of being sick.

How early do you start experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

Although each body is different, women can start to have pregnancy symptoms as early as a week after the pregnancy begins. Other women notice pregnancy symptoms a few months into their pregnancy.

How do you know if you are pregnant?

The most common symptom of pregnancy for a lot of women is a missed period. Other symptoms can include a missed period, fatigue, nausea, feeling bloated, peeing more than usual, tender or swollen breasts. If you think you may be pregnant, we recommend contacting Dr. Rodney Hill as soon as possible to set up your first appointment at 330-746-7007.

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