Cesarean Birth

In a cesarean birth (also known as a C-section), baby delivery occurs when the doctor makes either a transverse (horizontal) or vertical incision through the skin and wall of the woman's abdomen, as well as the lower part the uterus. C-sections are done for the following reasons: In a multiple pregnancy, having two or more babies that are not in the right position to be delivered vaginally; failure of labor to progress, where contractions fail to open the cervix enough for the baby to move through the vagina; giving birth to a large baby; the baby is in breech position, meaning the baby's feet are down; maternal infections such as herpes; maternal medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure; and concern for baby due to the detection of a known abnormality or deformation in the baby. If you’ve had a cesarean birth, there are options for your future baby delivery in Youngstown, Ohio. Dr. Hill specializes in vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC). Make an appointment with Dr. Hill or Cynthia Daniels to learn if vaginal birth after C-section is an option for you.

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