Your Pregnancy and Sleep

Did you know that it’s believed that at least 50 percent of pregnant women suffer from insomnia? [1] Sleep problems arise during pregnancy for many women due to their physical discomfort, changing hormones, excitement or anxiety about becoming a new mother. Sleep is a vital part of prenatal care, and if you are not sleeping…
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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

With so many conflicting sources, it can be confusing to know what food items are healthiest to eat during pregnancy. At Associates in Women’s Health of the Mahoning Valley, we strive to educate our prenatal patients so they can feel confident about the food they consume. While pregnant, dairy products, legumes, eggs, broccoli, leafy greens,…
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The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Many women wonder if exercising is safe for them during pregnancy, and the answer is yes, if you exercised prior to getting pregnant. If you did not exercise before pregnancy, it’s okay to walk and swim in moderation. Exercising while pregnant is helpful in strengthening muscles that you may need during labor and can benefit…
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