Dr. Hill OB/GYN is an experienced gynecologist and obstetrician providing baby delivery services during pregnancy. He also offers female health services such as birth control, menopause symptom treatments, and hysterectomies. Our patients especially enjoy Associates in Women’s Health since we are an OB/GYN open on weekends with Saturday appointments available!

Prenatal Patient Testimonials
New Patient Testimonials

“Her professionalism and bedside manner exceeded anything that I’ve experienced at a gynecologist visit before. I felt like I could really talk to her. I have a broken leg, and she was so cautious and accommodating. From Dr. Hill, the ladies at the front desk, Shannon, to the phlebotomist, I felt very taken care of and feel like I received a great balance of professionalism and personal care. Thank you all!”

Melissa Holland

“Dr. Hill was very pleasant and professional. He explained each step of the process during my OBGYN appointment, which made it a good experience for me.”

Klara Moss

"Dr. Hill delivered all of my babies. He's the best!"

Melinda Pastore

“Dr. Hill and his staff are very kind and courteous. I have been with him for years now, and I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon.”

Tequila Jackson

“Dr. Hill is hands down the best OBGYN in the Youngstown, Ohio area. I absolutely love the staff!”

Whitney Hughley

“My visits have been pleasant and efficient. The staff was considerate and made me feel like my health mattered.”

DLynn McGregor

“Dr. Hill is awesome, and the whole staff is too! Such a great team of people!”

Victoria Lynn Romero

Dr. Hill is really amazing. He cares and makes sure you’re taken care of. Before I came here, I had tried other OBGYNs and finally found Dr. Hill. Very happy with him as my OBGYN.”

Tashia Corol-Cox

“I would recommend anyone to Dr. Hill. I have been seeing him for 10+ years, and he also delivered my daughter. He has a great bedside manner and is kind, caring, and considerate. He takes his time with his patients, and I highly recommend him!”

Michelle Berry

"I have been a patient for years. He performed my partial hysterectomy, and he takes good care of his patients. I love the Jazz music that he plays and his staff! He is a very professional, informative, pleasant, and kind man."

Alanna Hopkins

"I love the staff! It's always easy to schedule appointments and the waiting time is never bad!"


"Thank you to Dr. Hill and his wonderful staff for a fabulous experience from pregnancy to birth! Mom and baby are happy and healthy at home :-)."

Ellen Eckert

"Dr. Hill absolutely exceeded my expectations. He listens, and he cares, and his two-way communication is fantastic. I have found my new doctor!"

Amanda Bundy

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