Essure is a permanent, non-reversible, soft and flexible micro-insert birth control inserted into each fallopian tube. The birth control procedure and recovery time are short and generally pain free. In some cases, the patient may feel some discomfort or cramping during or after the procedure. The procedure can be performed at the OBGYN doctor's office or at a hospital, whereby the patient typically returns home within 45 minutes of having the birth control procedure done.

Essure offers all of the following:
• Nonsurgical procedure
• Short procedure time
• No general anesthesia
• Nonhormonal
• No guessing—the doctor can confirm Essure is in place
• Quick recovery time
• Proven 99% effective birth control
• FDA-approved

Once the Essure inserts are placed inside the fallopian tubes, a barrier forms around them to prevent any sperm from reaching the eggs. Once you have reached 3 months you can go for a test to verify the birth control inserts are working properly. The test uses dye and a special x-ray to make sure the fallopian tubes are blocked. Until you have this test done you must use another method of birth control. For more information, visit

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